Interview with Xinhua on July 1, 2002

Monday 1st Jul 2002





(July 2002)


Q. 1 We have learnt that Your Majesty is going to visit China form July 9 to

18. Could you tell us what you are aiming to achieve in the forthcoming visit? Could you name some of the major programmes you are going to hold during the visit?


Ans. 1 We will be paying a State Visit to the People’s Republic of China at the invitation of His Excellency President Jiang Zemin. We would like to thank His Excellency the President for making it possible to visit your beautiful country. This is our first State Visit to China and we look forward to discussing matters of mutual interest with the President. The visit will also afford us and opportunity to exchange views with other leaders of China and make new friends. We are confident that this visit will make significant contributions to the further consolidation of the excellent ties of friendship existing between our two countries.

Besides Beijing, we will also visit Dalian and Shanghai. We will also be going to Yichang where we will be seeing for ourselves also on-going works of the Three Gorges Project, which will help China achieve an impressive economic growth. We are sure you are aware that our country Nepal looks to developing her water resources to the benefit of our people and we feel there is much we can learn from your visit to the Project site.


Q. 2 Nepal and China have friendly relations for centuries, specially after the establishment of the diplomatic relations between our two countries in 1955. Your Majesty, how do you look forward to the bilateral relationship between Nepal and China in the 21st century? In what fields do you think our two countries can further enhance the long friendship and cooperation?


Ans. 2 Nepal attaches importance to her relations with China and we are happy to note that they are based on the principles of equality, mutual respect and good neighbourliness. Given the mutual trust between our two countries and the understanding we have of each other’s aspirations, we are confident that these traditional bonds of friendship will always remain firm and steadfast.

Nepal admires the remarkable socio-economic transformation taking place in your country and hopes to learn from your experienced, especially, in human resource, infrastructure development and science and technology.

Ever since diplomatic relations were established between our two countries in 1955,

China has remained a generous partner in Nepal’s development endeavours. We are also appreciative of China’s understanding of our problems. We feel that we must now focus on economic co-operation, especially in the private sector, to the mutual benefit of our peoples.


Q. 3 Your Majesty, as your know that China has changed a lot since the founding of the new China in 1994. You may have witnessed the great changes and progress in China, especially the great changes since China has been carrying on the open-door way and reform policy in 1978. Could you describe the changes and economic achievements that impressed you the most? How do you think of China‘s open-up and reform policy?


Ans. 3 I have had the occasion to visit your country several times and have keenly been following the impressive socio-economic progress your country has made over the years. The reform policies adopted by China since 1978 have brought much progress and prosperity to the people of China, making it one of the leaders in the comity of nations.

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